The Significance of Gravestones

Factors to Consider When Selecting Gravestones

Losing a loved one brings about a lot of sadness and other emotions. Moreover, letting go of the bond and the good times you shared with the person who has departed can be difficult, but one way to celebrate their life is making their grave a special place where you can visit frequently. Getting the right gravestone built to order which suits fits the personality.

The Significance of Gravestones

There is no better way of making the grave attractive and special than adding a beautiful headstone to it. This is an honorable way of remembering your loved one. Gravestones will give you a great way of expressing your feelings and love for the deceased through the words that you will inscribe on them. This may be a heartfelt personal message, lyrics to a favorite song or a favorite poem.

Guidelines for Choosing Gravestones

Here are some guidelines to help you choose a gravestone that will be a befitting way to remember your loved one.
Marble gravestones – These are produced from Italian white marble of the finest quality. Marble is more flexible compared to granite hence can be curved into sculptures or custom designs. Marble is porous hence tends to weather and discolor with time.

Granite gravestones – Granite is one of the oldest materials used in making gravestones owing to the fact that is it long lasting and durable. Granite gravestones are thus maintenance free. Granite comes in different colors, and being a tough material, the curved designs tend to be a little expensive.

Cremation gravestones – Although they are smaller in size, cremation gravestones are used to mark that place where the remains of your loved one are buried or scattered after cremation so that you can visit them. Cremation gravestones come in different designs owing to their small size and are made from different materials. Generally, these gravestones can be altered to suit a wide range of designs as well as the crematorium.

Children’s gravestones – This is often considered to be the most difficult of all the gravestones because of the pain of losing a child. Gravestones for children are made from different materials as well as designs that are a reflection of the life of the child.

In summary, gravestones are a way of immortalizing loved ones who have departed and they give you an opportunity to be with them by visiting the gravesite. You can engrave a special message in honor of the bond you enjoyed while they were alive.